Hi, we are CYPRESS. 
In 1997, we started this restaurant in front of Asakura Park to give people living near us a homey eatery area.

“Pizzeria Cypress” opens lunch time (11:00〜14:00), we hope everybody enjoys sharing our stone oven pizzas and pasta. 

Our “Pizza Margherita” is simple but a mouthwatering dish, we highly recommend it! 

 “Dineer Time” system is pre-booked by the day before, we provide a course menu which is focused on vegetables and locally produced ingredients. 

Why don’t you have a wonderful time with your precious people sometime soon? 


Next to “Pizzeria”, we have a little relaxed atmosphere "studio hanare"


It’s been nearly 20 years since we started the first restaurant… we still have so many things we want to do. A vegie patch would be nice, or providing healthy breakfast might be the way to go.But for now, we want to cherish family time, having a good night sleep is important, too. Speaking of family, we eventually got a lovely daughter who has already turned 8. 


Tarui town has a nutritious egg producer, a beekeeper,a coffee roaster, a conscientious butcher and a hardworking farmer. So we want to use local ingredients as much as possible. It means people come to our restaurants, local producers and we all can feel small but important richness and health of good food. We wish an atmosphere and significance established here in Tarui town.

Oh, by the way, the food you have at a restaurant is good, but we still believe the best meal will be sandwiches you eat outside under the blue sky. In winter, here is a bit chilly with cold wind, but in spring and autumn seasons, mountains nearby and a very refreshing place, so please come to Asakura Park to take a rest from your busy life. “Enjoying greenery is essential for your life!”


I almost forgot, if you need a yoga mat, please feel free to ask. We will lend you one anytime.


We want to continue to create food that doesn't just look good but looks delicious.

Thank you!

Pizzeria CYPRESS

Ph. (0584) 23-4280 

Open: 11:00 – 14:00 (L.O) 

   :17:30 - 19:00 (L.O)*reservation only

Price lunch P.P.: \1,300〜

        dinnre p.p:\5,000〜

Closed on Tuesdays 


Studio hanare